SkyLaunch Advisors is a biopharmaceutical product lifecycle support firm. Our Primary Research, Analytics and Tools help companies understand the quantitative levels/types of payer access that will be required for products to meet their sales forecasts.

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  • Intensive data-based TRx uptake analytics
  • Quantitative “bottom-up” understanding of how access/restrictions affect uptake at each specific payer account
  • Uptake factor knowledge across all major therapeutic areas
  • All boiled down into a user-friendly tool to accurately model sales uptake based on lives-access metrics, competition, contracting, copay assistance & much more


  • Payer access levels/types required to meet any sales forecast
  • Recommended contracts to be signed at specific payers
  • Auto-generated access mountains for Commercial/Medicare/Medicaid
  • Post-launch tracking of access/sales and contingency strategies
  • All supported by Payer Primary Research